How Do I Archive Student Accounts?


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If a student is not part of your classroom anymore, you can archive the account to keep your classroom organized. An archived account is still active and the progress and achievements are saved. However, the student will not be able to access any of the challenges or courses. For those who have a flex subscription, archiving students will free up available seats in the subscription. Archiving students in a standard subscription does not lower the number of available seats. 

To archive a student account:

  1. In the Classrooms page, click on the classroom with the student account that you want to archive. In the ‘Students’ tab, locate the student’s account and click on the ‘Archive’ button in the ‘Actions' column. 

2. In the pop-up window, you will be asked to confirm the archived student. Click on ‘Archive’. This will complete the action and the student will be moved to the archived students.

*You can access (and restore) the 'Archived Students' from your My Classrooms tab under the more options icon:

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