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Does CodeMonkey Work on Tablets?
Does CodeMonkey Work on Tablets?
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Yes, you can learn to code with CodeMonkey via your tablet, just go to our website on your tablet (either using the Chrome app or Safari) and click on “Play now” to start playing. Currently, only Coding Adventure's 165 challenges + the correlating skill mode challenges are available on tablets. More challenges coming soon.

For best performance, we recommend using a relatively new tablet (from the last two years).

CodeMonkey works best on a device with a keyboard (example: Chromebook, laptop, etc.). ​If you are using CodeMonkey on a device with a keyboard, make sure you are using a relatively up-to-date browser version (either Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or Safari) and an active Internet connection.

Our Dodo Does Math and Coding Adventure courses do work on an iPad with the most updated IOS when used through the Chrome browser. However, with the more advanced challenges of Coding Adventure from challenge 165 onward, it will require a mouse and keyboard.

All other courses can only be accessed using a computer.

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