To find information regarding your subscription, go to ‘My Classrooms’. Click on ‘View All’ which is on the top right-hand corner of the page. There you will find subscription details, such as:

  • Available content (see below courses abbreviations)

  • Available seats

  • Subscription start/end dates 

Course Abbreviations:

CA1 -  Coding Adventure Part 1: Fundamentals
CA2 - Coding Adventure Part 2: Functions & Conditions
CA3 - Coding Adventure Part 3: Logic & Events
PLF - Platformer (Game Design Course)
FRG - Frogger (Game Design Course)
SPR - Draw Your Own Sprites (Game Design Course)
CHB - Coding Chatbots
ANG - Dodo Does Math Angels
DST - Dodo Does Math Distances
MLT - Dodo Does Math Multiplication
BT1- Banana Tales Part 1: Python Fundamentals
BT2 - Banana Tales Part 2: Advanced Topic
BA1 - Beaver Achiever: Sequencing & Loops
BA2 - Beaver Achiever: Conditional Loops
BA3 - Beaver Achiever: If/Else Conditions
JR1 - CodeMonkey Jr. Part 1: Sequencing & Loops

JR2 - CodeMonkey Jr. Part 2: Advanced Sequencing & Loops

JR3 - CodeMonkey Jr. Part 3: Conditional Loops

JR4 - CodeMonkey Jr. Part 4: Procedures

For those who no longer have remaining seats and are interested in purchasing more, please contact us.

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