• The table in the ‘Progress’ tab shows your classroom's students sorted by name, from A to Z.

  • You can change the table to show students sorted by their progress in the course by selecting ‘sort by progress’.

  • Click on the expand button in the progress table to see the entire class. Use the arrow buttons on the left and right of the progress table to move between the challenges and topics.

  • The colorful stars represent student solutions and the star score achieved. 

  • Next to each student, you will be able to see a clear indication of the % they have completed in each course:

  • Click on the Skill Mode tab in the Student Progress table to see student progress and solutions to skill challenges.

  • Click on ‘Export Data to File’ on the top right side of the progress tab to download a CSV file with extended information about student progress in CodeMonkey. 

  • You can choose any of your courses in order to see your student’s progress in them.

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