Can I Skip a Challenge?

Skipping challenges

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Children on a Home Plan and students on a Teacher Plan cannot skip a challenge within any CodeMonkey coding course. These challenges were intentionally designed to progressively get more difficult and expose students to new coding concepts and skills. They need to learn and be able apply these concepts and skills within each challenge before moving to the next challenge.

On a Teacher Plan, teachers and administrators can skip around and experience challenges to be able to plan lessons and support their students with solutions.

To experience challenges in any order:

  1. On your teacher or administrator account, go to the "COURSES" section.

  2. Select the course you want to experience.

  3. Look for the "Story Map" icon on the course dashboard (can be in different locations depending on which course you are on).

  4. Move around on the story map and click on the challenge number you wish to experience.

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