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Is there a CodeMonkey app?
Is there a CodeMonkey app?
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Thank you for reaching out to us about the CodeMonkey App!
We did have one, but it was discontinued in 2021.

All good things must end, but it’s the less-than-good things that must end a lot sooner.

When it comes to the CodeMonkey app, the company realized that there are fewer upsides to it than we imagined.

While we know that for some users a product sunsetting usually means that something that was a part of your life is being pulled away - luckily, this is not the case!

CodeMonkey is still fully available on the web - reachable via PC, tablet, Mac, and mobile (web).

We want to thank you for using the CodeMonkey app for as long as it was LIVE.

We appreciate your understanding of this matter and we are here to answer any question you may have about using CM with other devices.
Happy coding!

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