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Joining a Classroom With Clever
Joining a Classroom With Clever
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This article will walk you through the needed steps in order to:

A. Log-in to CodeMonkey through Clever (for teachers and students).

B. Join a CodeMonkey Classroom using a classroom code (for students).

A. Log-in to CodeMonkey through Clever (for teachers and students)

Teachers and students will access CodeMonkey through their Clever accounts:

1. Log in to your Clever account using your Clever login and password.

2. Go to your portal and click on the CodeMonkey icon:

3. You will be directed to your CodeMonkey account homepage. Teachers will see their CodeMonkey classroom/s:

For your students to join their classroom, provide them with the class code* and have them follow these steps:

*not sure where to locate the class code? Click here.

1. Students will log in by following steps 1-2 above.

2. Once directed to their CodeMonkey account, they need to click on “Join a Classroom” from the menu on the upper right corner:

3. They should click on ‘YES, I HAVE A CLASSROOM CODE' when asked if they have a classroom code.

4. Have your students enter the classroom’s code (make sure to provide them with the correct code!).

5. They will get a confirmation message and will be able to start accessing the courses assigned.

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