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Getting Started Video Guide
Getting Started Video Guide

A Video Guide for Teachers to learn all there is to know about the available tools and features for teachers on CodeMonkey.

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Are you a teacher using CodeMonkey, or a parent who purchased our Homeschool plan?

That means you have a CodeMonkey Teacher account.

The following 15 minutes Getting Started Video Guide for Teachers will help you get started on CodeMonkey as it covers all the available tools and features for teachers.

Video outline:

00:32 - How to Login

00:53 - Homepage Overview

01:25 - How to Access the Courses

03:11 - Teacher Resources

03:57 - Creations and Discover Platform

04:33 - How Your Students See CodeMonkey

05:05 - Setting Up Classrooms

06:43 - Reporting Features

07:32 - Classroom Dashboard

07:50 - Creating Student Accounts

09:25 - Adding a Co-Teacher

09:53 - Assigning Courses

10:18 - Monitor and Limit Students Progress and Access Solutions

12:47 - Using Lessons with Coding Adventure

13:54 - Gradebook

14:37 - See Your Classroom’s Creations (Showroom)

Click here to watch the guide on YouTube.

Click here for our Getting Started Text Guide.

Looking to learn more about CodeMonkey's available courses? Click here to learn all about our coding courses and coding pathway right here. You can also watch a recent webinar which reviewed the different courses: Tour of CodeMonkey courses.

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