This is a step by step guide for students who are looking to sign-up to CodeMonkey with their Google account and join their classroom using the classroom code. Teachers can share this guide with students or with their parents, or a PDF version located at the end of the article.

1. Go to and click on SIGN UP, or go directly to our sign up page:

2. Click on STUDENT

3. Click ‘Yes, I have a code’.

4. Enter the classroom code and click on the NEXT button.

5. Click on the ‘Google’ button to sign-up to CodeMonkey using your Google account. If Google asks you to choose an account, make sure to choose your school account.

6. Hooray! You are in your CodeMonkey account!

7. Your classroom’s name will appear on top (see below). Under ‘Assigned by your teacher’ you will be able to access the courses which your teacher has assigned to your classroom.

8. If you were unable to access your account, please reach out to your teacher.

Click here to download a PDF file to share with students.

For teachers:

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