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Changing a classroom or school name
Changing a classroom or school name
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From the admin dashboard, you are able to edit data related to the school/s and classrooms that you are managing.

By going from the Admin Dashboard to the Classrooms tab, you are able to make edits to classrooms, on a page that's sorted by classroom name.

  1. Go to the Classroom tab

  2. Choose what you would like to filter the classrooms by from the dropdown menu or by using the search box, and apply filter.

  3. Locate the classroom whose name needs to be changed.

  4. To the right-hand side of the table, click on the 'edit' icon in order to edit the classroom’s name.

  5. The classroom and teacher values will become open text boxes, and the schools will change to a dropdown list.

6. Type in the new value and click on Save!

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