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Generate A Certificate Independently
Generate A Certificate Independently

This article covers how students (or kids, if it's a home subscription) can generate a certificate once completing a course.

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Children and students are able to generate and download their own course completion certificates once they have completed a course.

If you're a student, certificates would be available for download from your 'Courses' main page.

Parents can also download their child's certificate from the 'Course Progress' page.

** Please note: When a child/student downloads their own certificate, it will not include their teacher's name on it. As opposed to certificates generated from the teachers' Gradebook.

Follow these steps to download your certificate:

1. Once completed, the course thumbnail will earn a "checkmark" sign that looks like this:

2. A click on the course thumbnail will make a window pop up.

3. On the pop-up window, click the 'Download Certificate' button to download the certificate to your computer.


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