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Generating QR Codes for Student Login
Generating QR Codes for Student Login

This article will walk teachers through the process of generating QR Codes for student login as well as how students use the cards to login.

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We understand that the login process can be challenging for some coders. We created the QR Code Login option to make logging in smoother for students and a non-issue for teachers! In the dashboard, teachers have the option to generate and print QR Codes for student use. This feature enables students to log in effortlessly by simply presenting their unique QR Code to a webcam. Upon selecting "QR Code" on the login page and displaying the code to the webcam, users will see their name along with an additional login button for confirmation. The QR code will direct students to their user dashboard.

Teacher Directions for Generating QR Codes for Students:

  1. Sign in to your teacher or admin account on

  2. Go to the “My Classrooms” section.

  3. Click on the classroom name you wish to generate the QR Code Login cards for.

  4. Go to the “Students” tab.

  5. Click on the blue link that says “Print Login & QR Cards” in the top right corner.

  6. Choose which option you would like to print (Login information only, QR Code only, or Login & QR Code” and click the green “Print” button. This will create a printable PDF for you on your computer.

Student Directions for Using QR Code to Log in:

  1. Go to the CodeMonkey Login Page at

  2. Click on the “QR Code” button on the right side of the login screen options.

  3. Hold your unique QR Code login sheet up to your web camera (always keep this card somewhere safe for privacy!).

  4. You are now logged into your CodeMonkey student account and will be directed to your courses tab!

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