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How to Use CodeMonkey Lessons?
How to Use CodeMonkey Lessons?
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Click here to learn more about Lessons and when to use them in your classroom.

Locating 'Lessons'

  1. From the 'My Classrooms' dashboard locate the classroom you would like to use Lessons with and click on it.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Courses’ tab.

  3. Under Courses, there is a sub-tab called 'Lessons'

At present, CodeMonkey Lessons are available only for Coding Adventure Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Using 'Lessons' with your CodeMonkey classroom:

  • Start the Lesson by clicking on Begin Lesson. When you click on Begin Lesson, the button will turn red and become the End Lesson button. Students will not be able to access any CodeMonkey activities while your class is in Lesson Mode.

  • Use the course Selection drop-down on the right to navigate to Coding Adventure.

  • The lesson plan for this lesson can be downloaded by clicking on the green "play" button. 

  • In the Shortcuts menu on the right side, you will find helpful tools such as links to playtime challenges, informative files, and the lesson status.

To begin playing, click Assign Challenges. Your students will have the opportunity to play the challenges relevant to the lesson during playtime. If a student completes their playtime early, they can always play Skill Mode challenges.

Once the lesson is complete, the lesson's status will be marked as complete, and the lesson number will be filled in green. If you do not want the lesson marked, you can always uncheck Mark Complete.

The lesson will automatically end and be marked as complete within 2 hours of starting. To prevent students from getting blocked if you forget to end the lesson, do this. However, if you wish to limit student progress so that they cannot pass the current lesson, you can do so in the Progress Tab.

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