Every single class in CodeMonkey has its own code. Students can sign up to CodeMonkey on their own and join your classroom by entering your classroom’s code. The classroom code is a combination of letters and numbers.

Your classroom code appears in a few places:

1. In the Classroom’s page underneath the Actions column of your classroom name.

2. In the upper right-hand corner of the Students tab in your classroom dashboard. 

3. In the Add students window - 

  1. From your menu, click on the ‘My Classrooms’ section.

  2. Click the classroom that you want to add your students to.

  3. From the Students tab click on ‘Add students’.

  4. Click Share class code.

  5. Your unique code will be visible in the box with the green outline. Write the code on the whiteboard or print a sheet to hand out to the students. 

  6. If you ever want to generate a new code, click on the re-generate icon (two arrows) to the right of the box containing your classroom code.

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