This method is relevant when students already have a CodeMonkey account or are looking to create one themselves, using one of the single sign-on options.

For students without a CodeMonkey account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘sign-up’
  3. Click on ‘student’
  4. Click ‘Yes, I have a classroom code’
  5. Enter classroom code
  6. Finish registering by completing the process. Students can create their own username or use Google/Office 365/Clever/ClassLink to sign up. 

When students have completed the instructions above, they will be automatically added to your classroom. 

**The action of joining a classroom will be done only one time. Once the student joins the classroom, next time they login to their CodeMonkey account, they will already be in their classroom.

Please note:

Teachers can use the Sign-Up Page to have the students join the classroom in fewer steps. With a unique Sign-Up Page for each classroom, students would not need to type the class code.

This method of having students join the classroom is great if you are communicating with your students online and can share with them the URL.

Students who are using a SSO option to join CodeMonkey, should follow these instructions in order to join their classroom:

Students joining CodeMonkey through Clever

Students joining CodeMonkey through ClassLink

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