This help article will walk you through the steps of having your students join their CodeMonkey classroom using the class code. This action is relevant for both new students joining a CodeMonkey classroom for the first time, or students with existing accounts who are able to join a new CodeMonkey classroom.

For new students creating their CodeMonkey accounts the first time, teachers can share the Sign-Up URL with their students to have them join the classroom in fewer steps. Using this URL, students would not need to type the class code.

For new students joining CodeMonkey, you can share the classroom code, so they can create their own CodeMonkey account, or sign-up using one of our single sign-on options in case they have a pre-existing account on other platforms.

The following video will explain the process:

Or, you can refer to the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on ‘sign-up’

  3. Click on ‘student’

  4. Click ‘Yes, I have a classroom code’

  5. Enter classroom code

  6. Finish registering by completing the process. Students can create their own username or use Google/Office 365/Clever/ClassLink to sign up. 

When students have completed the instructions above, they will automatically be added to your classroom. 

For students with an existing CodeMonkey account, that are looking to join a new classroom, share the classroom code with them and have them follow these steps in order to join their new classrooms:

  1. Login to their CodeMonkey account.

  2. Click on the menu icon at the upper right corner, and choose 'JOIN A CLASSROOM'.

3. They will get a message asking them to confirm the action of moving out of their current classroom and would need to click on OK.

3. They will be asked "Do you have a classroom code?" and would need to click on "Yes, I have a classroom code".

4. They will enter the classroom code and click on the ENTER button.

5. They will get a confirmation message letting them know that they have joined the classroom (with the classroom name).

**The action of joining a classroom will be done only one time. Once the student joins the classroom, next time they login to their CodeMonkey account, they will already be in their classroom.

Students who are using a SSO option to join CodeMonkey, should follow these instructions in order to join their classroom:

Students joining CodeMonkey through Clever

Students joining CodeMonkey through ClassLink

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