This option is great if you want to create multiple accounts quickly. In order to register the entire class, create a CSV file that includes all of your students and upload the file directly to your classroom.

  1. Create a CSV file with two columns listing all of the students:
  2. Column 1 will contain students’ Display Names (which cannot contain spaces AND must be unique within the classroom). 
  3. To protect students' privacy, do not use any personal information such as their full name or birthday. 
  4. We recommend using a nickname, first name only or first name and last initial (sarah.b).
  5. Column 2 will contain student passwords. Passwords need to be at least six characters long.
  6. Each student account should be in an individual row.
  7. Do not include a header row in the CSV file.
  8. You can create up to 60 student accounts. 
  9. Save file in CSV format
  10. Excel users: ‘File’, ‘Save As’, and then ‘File Type’ to select ‘Comma-Separated Values’. 
  11. Google Spreadsheets users: use ‘File’, ‘Download As’ then select ‘Comma -Separated Values’.
  12. Go to, and click the menu icon in the top right-hand corner.
  13. Select ‘My Classrooms’ from the menu. A list of existing classrooms will appear.
  14. Click the classroom that the students need to be uploaded to and upload the students.
  15. From the Students tab click ‘Add students’.
  16. From the pop-up bar, choose Bulk upload and click on ‘Choose file’.
  17. Select the CSV file made to upload and click ‘Open’.
  18. Click ‘Upload’. 
  19. Unique usernames will be generated based on display names. You may edit the username later in the student list.
  20. The users will be created and added to the classroom.
  21. Use Student Login Cards to provide students with their usernames and passwords. 

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