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How Do I Cancel my Subscription’s Auto-Renewal?
How Do I Cancel my Subscription’s Auto-Renewal?

CodeMonkey subscriptions purchased online are recurring subscriptions. Here's how to cancel their auto-renewal (unsubscribe).

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Learn more about our billing plan here.

You can cancel the auto-renewal after you purchase the subscription, so you won't be charged automatically once your subscription expires. Canceling the auto-renewal will not cancel the subscription itself, and you will still be able to enjoy it until it expires.

Please follow these steps to cancel your subscription auto-renewal:

  1. Log in to your CodeMonkey account.

  2. Click on the menu icon on the upper-right corner (next to the round avatar image).

  3. Click on "MY ACCOUNT".

  4. Scroll down to "Manage Subscriptions".

  5. If under "Billing Plan" it says "Recurring", then it means that this subscription will be automatically renewed.

  6. In order to cancel this subscription, click on the "cancel auto-renewal" button.

7. Once canceled, your subscription's status will change from 'Active' to 'Canceled'.

*In case you have a Home plan, make sure to log in to your ‘Parent’ account in order to perform this action. This action will not be available through your child’s account.

If you cancel your auto-renewal or do not renew your subscription, your progress is still kept as part of your CodeMonkey account. You can always purchase a new subscription from the same account, and continue the progress you already made.
You can choose to delete your account, and only once doing that - all your progress will be deleted.

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