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What Type of Billing Plan is Available for Home Plans?
What Type of Billing Plan is Available for Home Plans?

Learn what recurring billing means and your available options.

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When you purchase one of our Home plans, you will be asked to choose the payment period (Home plans give you an option of a yearly or quarterly). Recurring billing means that once your subscription expires, it will automatically renew and you will be charged. Your subscription will then have a new expiration date.

You are able to cancel your subscription's auto-renewal at any point from your Account page.

If you would like to enjoy the subscription for just one period, you can cancel the auto-renewal after you purchase the subscription, and then you won't be charged automatically once your subscription expires. Once the subscription's status is turned to Canceled - it will no longer auto-renew.

Cancelling the auto-renewal will not cancel the subscription itself, and you will still be able to enjoy it until it expires (until the date under the 'Valid until' column).

Once you cancel your subscription's auto-renewal your child's progress is still kept as part of their CodeMonkey account. You can always purchase a new subscription from the same account, and your child will be able to continue the progress they have already made.

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