When you sign-up to CodeMonkey, you are asked 'Who Are You?' and need to choose between Student, Teacher, and Parent.

Choosing a Parent account will then allow you to create an account for your child. Once the account is created, your child can enjoy a limited free trial.
The parent account provides you with a parent dashboard where you can view your child's progress and achievements.

From the Parent account, you will be able to view solutions for the challenges, as well as to sign in as your child and then access the courses. Please note that you cannot reset the progress, but there is no problem for your child to go back and play past challenges. 

At any point, you can purchase one of our Home plans to access all of our courses.

Choosing a Teacher account provides you with a limited free trial and the option to create a classroom and add up to 30 students. As a teacher, you will have access to the same courses as your students, as well as helpful teacher resources. You will be able to see your students' live progress, access their solutions and the solutions to all challenges. 

At any point, you can purchase one of our Teacher plans

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