The Proficiency table, found in the classroom dashboard's Gradebook tab, will provide teachers with an estimation of a student's level of understanding and knowledge of a coding topic.

While 'Grades by subject' shows a student's grade per chapter or per course, the Proficiency table aggregates all challenges completed across all courses, for a single topic, providing the teacher with an overview of their student's current level in that topic.

Proficiency Levels

The range of levels run from 1 through 4, indicating how proficient the student is at a certain topic:

1 = Novice

2 = Beginner

3 = Intermediate

4 = Advanced

For students to advance through the levels, they would need to complete a topic's chapters with a star average of at least 2.6.

For exercise-based courses (such as our Game Creation Courses or Coding Chatbots), with no star score, completion of challenges will be enough to gain points.

To access a classroom’s Proficiency Table, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'My Classrooms' page.

  2. Choose the classroom that you would like to see the grades for.

  3. Select the ‘Gradebook’ Tab.

  4. Click on Proficiency

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