The Proficiency table, found in the classroom dashboard's Gradebook tab, will provide teachers with an estimation of a student's level of understanding and knowledge for a coding topic.

While 'Grades by subject' shows a student's grade per chapter or per course, the Proficiency table aggregates all challenges completed across all courses, for a single topic, providing the teacher with an overview of their students current level in that topic.

Proficiency Levels

The range of levels run between 1 through 4, indicating how proficient the student is at a certain topic:

1 = Novice

2 = Beginner

3 = Intermediate

4 = Advanced

For students to advance through the levels, they would need to complete a topic's chapters with a star average of at least 2.6.

For exercise based courses (such as our Game Creation Courses or Coding Chatbots), with no star score, completion of challenges will be enough to gain points.

To access a classroom’s Proficiency Table, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'My Classrooms' page.

  2. Choose the classroom that you would like to see the grades for.

  3. Select the ‘Gradebook’ Tab.

  4. Click on Proficiency

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