This is a step by step guide for students who are already in a CodeMonkey classroom and need to join a new classroom, using the classroom’s code. You can share this article with your students or with their parents, or a PDF version of it which you can find at the end.

1. First, go to and click on LOGIN, or go directly to our login page:

2. login to your CodeMonkey account.

3. If you are unsure how to access your CodeMonkey account, please reach out to your teacher before proceeding.

4. Click on the menu icon at the upper right corner, and then click on 'JOIN A CLASSROOM'.

5. In case you are already in a classroom, you will get this message asking you to confirm the action of moving out of your current classroom. Click on OK.

6. You will be asked if you have the classroom code. If you do not have a classroom code, please ask your teacher for the classroom code, then come back and join the classroom!

7. Click “YES, I HAVE A CLASSROOM CODE” if you do and enter the classroom code, double check you have entered it correctly and click on the ENTER button.

8. Hooray! You have joined your new classroom! The confirmation message will also show you your classroom's name.

Click here to download a PDF file to share with students.

For teachers:, Where to Locate Your Classroom Code

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