The Class Assignments page is a supportive feature relevant when managing multiple classrooms (over 8-10) on CodeMonkey.

It allows teachers to view and manage all of their classrooms' assigned courses from one place, instead of going to each classroom's dashboard separately.

To access it, click on CLASS ASSIGNMENTS from the left-hand menu.

Please Note: This feature is not added by default, to request it please contact us at

Also, it is currently only available within the subscription owner's account, and not the co-teachers'.

More on how to use the Class Assignments page:

  • In the rows - your CodeMonkey classrooms. In the columns - the courses you have access to as part of your subscription.

  • Use the left/right arrows to navigate between the different courses.

  • Use the ASSIGN ALL / UNASSIGN ALL buttons to assign or unassign ALL courses to ALL classrooms.

  • Within the table, you can see the status of the course. Green label means a course is assigned and the classroom can access it. Grey label means the course is unassigned and the classroom cannot access it.

  • Clicking the green or grey labels, will toggle between Assigned/Unassigned.

  • In a specific green ('Assigned') label, click the dropdown (down-facing arrow) to set progress limit within the course, or limit by Lessons (available only for Coding Adventure).

  • 'Set Progress Limit' option: Once you click on the 'Set Progress Limit' option, type the number of challenge you would like to limit your classroom's progress to. At any time you can click on this option to edit the number.

  • You can always click the dropdown to remove the limit by clicking on 'Free Play (No Limit)'.

  • Please note: You can still perform these actions from each classroom dashboard, from the Courses tab (to assign courses) or the Progress tab (to limit students' progress within a course). Also, to get more information on each of the courses (such as the relevant grade levels, standards and more!) we recommend visiting the Courses tab (see screenshot below), or our courses page.

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