The Admin Dashboard is where the subscription Admin (owners) can manage their subscription, classrooms and assigned courses.

Once the Admin has invited a new teacher to the subscription, the teacher can then create or import a classroom, add students and manage the classroom independently.

The Dashboard is constructed of 5 tabs:

  1. Dashboard- where you can see at a glance the usage of the subscription, Teachers, Schools, Classrooms and Students associated with the subscription and also the details of the subscription. (seats, start and end date, etc…)

  2. Teachers- where you can invite new teachers to join the subscription.

  3. Schools-where you can add school names to the subscription, and monitor the number of classrooms, students, and teachers for each school.

  4. Classrooms- where you can see a list of all classrooms that were created under the subscription. You can also perform the following actions:

    1. Edit classroom name, school name, teacher, co-teacher, and grade

    2. Filter by Teacher/Classroom name/School

    3. Generate usage report

    4. Export classrooms data to CSV

  5. Assignments- where you can assign/unassign courses to classrooms and also limit the progress for each course

Best practices when using the Admin Dashboard:

  • Invite teachers to the subscription, so they can create or import and manage their own classrooms

  • School and Classrooms are two different entities. A school can have multiple classrooms attached to it.

  • Create Schools before inviting teachers and make sure to instruct the teachers to assign each classroom to a school for better management and search capabilities

  • Assist with courses assignments if needed

*Currently, the Admin Dashboard supports only 1 subscription.

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