Admin Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your account for each school or district. In addition to all the functions a teacher has, the admin also has access to the "Admin Dashboard" button at the top left of the main screen, which enables them to see an overview of the whole account.

There are five tabs on the Admin Dashboard:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Teachers

  3. Schools

  4. Classrooms

  5. Assignments

The five tabs:

  1. Dashboard - See at a glance the usage of the subscription

  2. Teachers - View teachers and invite teachers to join the subscription

  3. Schools - Add schools to the subscription and monitor classrooms, students, and teachers for each

  4. Classrooms - All classrooms created under the subscription are listed here. Additionally, you can:

    1. Edit classroom name, school name, teacher, co-teacher, and grade

    2. Generate usage report

    3. Export classroom data to CSV

  5. Assignments - Assign/unassign courses to classrooms and limit their progress as needed

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