Each school or district can choose an administrator that will have access to the Admin Dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview of your account. The admin has all the abilities a teacher has, except they also get a high-level view of the whole account - which can be accessed by clicking the "ADMIN DASHBOARD" tab on the top left hand of the screen.

The Admin Dashboard consists of 5 tabs:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Teachers

  3. Schools

  4. Classrooms

  5. Assignments

Clicking the ‘Schools’ tab will display the number of classrooms, students, and teachers for each school. In addition, schools can be edited or deleted from this tab by clicking on the icons on the right-hand side.

Under the 'Classrooms' tab, you will find editable fields under:

  • Classroom Name,

  • School, Teacher,

  • Co-Teachers.

Additionally, classrooms can now be archived here using the icon on the right.

To restore an archived classroom, you can do so by clicking the unarchive icon on the Archived Classrooms page.

If you have any questions or other feedback please, contact our Customer Success team.

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