What is the Progress Table?

This Teacher Dashboard feature displays star-coded advancement data for each student and for the whole class. See your students' progress!

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CodeMonkey’s Progress Table includes functionalities that help streamline your student tracking, as well as provide a more comprehensive overview of your class and students’ progress status.

Directions to Access the Progress Table:

  1. Go to the 'MY CLASSROOMS' section on the left side of your Teacher Dashboard.

  2. Click on the 'CLASSROOM NAME' of the data you wish to see.

  3. The data will appear from the 'Progress' tab.

*You can toggle classrooms by the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

Viewing Options:

  • The progress table shows your students' progress sorted either by name- from A to Z, OR by progress.

  • Click the dropdown menu on the top-right hand to choose the course you wish to examine.

  • Scroll right to see all of the challenges in the course.

  • If it's a big classroom, don't worry about losing track of the column headline - the headlines are sticky so you will be able to see which challenge you are viewing even if you scroll down.

The Grading System

  • The colorful stars represent student solutions and the star score achieved. Click here to learn more about CodeMonkey's Star Scoring Method.

  • An exclamation mark surrounded by a circle on a challenge means that the student did not manage to solve the challenge. Click the star or the exclamation mark to view the student's attempted solution.

  • Click on the green challenge number in the header row to view a 3 star solution for that challenge.

Reviewing Progress

  • The table is auto-updated, which means you are able to see your students' progress in real-time. This includes Skill Mode challenges which can be accessed from the Course Dropdown, like all the other courses.

  • Next to each student, you will be able to see a clear indication of the % they have completed in each course.

Click on the Student Name in the Student Progress table to see the student dashboard that displays course progress, time spent on the site, and proficiency degree in Coding Concepts.

Export Data

  • Click on ‘Export Data to File’ on the top right hand of the progress table to download a CSV file with extended information about student progress in CodeMonkey.

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