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How To Assign Quizzes & View Quiz Results
How To Assign Quizzes & View Quiz Results

This article will provide guidance on how to assign quizzes to students & how to view quiz results.

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Assessing student understanding of coding concepts is an important part of coding instruction. CodeMonkey quizzes are available to provide teachers with insight into how well their students are learning and retaining the skills being taught.

  • Note that currently, there are quizzes available for Beaver Achiever, Coding Adventure, and Banana Tales courses.

  • Quizzes are separated by the concepts taught within each course.

  • Each quiz has 4-5 "Quiz Challenges" that are different than the challenges within the course.

  • Students can attempt the quiz challenges multiple times to receive up to 3 stars. Teachers can see how many attempts students took to receive 3 stars by going to Quizzes>Quiz Results> Clicking on the star within the challenge.

Assigning a Quiz in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Start from the "My Classrooms" tab on the menu. Select the classroom you want to assign a quiz to, and click on it on the classroom table.

2. Next, click on the "Quizzes" tab, and confirm you are on the "Assign Quiz" sub-tab.

3. Identify the quiz you would like to assign to your students from the options presented. When you are ready, click on the "Assign to Class" button to send the quiz to your students. That's it, the quiz is assigned to your class!


  • Deadline: By selecting the end date drop-down menu, you can give students a "due date" for completing the quiz.

  • Use the "Try it Yourself Link" located above the 'Assign to Class' button to review the quiz yourself.

Quiz Results:

To review student scores, click on the "Quiz Results" sub-tab.

Use the carrot at the top right-hand side of the page to expand the section. You will then easily be able to see the percentage of students that have completed the quiz, as well as each individual student's score for each challenge. You will be able to view the final grade, and the date and time the student completed the quiz.

Quiz Solutions:

Review the solution the student submitted by clicking on the star they earned for that challenge. To see the perfect three-star solution, click on the green challenge number at the top of the column under "Challenges Score".

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