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How to Create and Add Multiple Students to Your Classroom
How to Create and Add Multiple Students to Your Classroom

Bulk Upload of students

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If you want to create multiple accounts quickly, this option is perfect for you. Upload a CSV file that includes all of your students directly to your classroom to register the entire class.

First, Prepare the CSV file >>>

  1. Prepare a CSV* file with two columns listing all of the students:

    In Column 1, students' Display Names will appear (which cannot contain spaces AND must be unique within the classroom). Do not use any personal information about students, such as their full name or birthday. Using a nickname, first name only, or first name and last initial (sarah.b) is recommended.

    In column 2, students' passwords will be listed. The minimum password length is six characters.

    File specifications:

    + Each student account should be in an individual row.

    + Do not include a header row in the CSV file.

    + You can create up to 60 student accounts (as CodeMonkey classrooms can consist up to 60 students). 

  2. Save the file in CSV UTF-8 format.

    Next steps, On the CodeMonkey Platform >>>

  3. Navigate to, and click on ‘My Classrooms’ from the menu. A list of your classrooms will appear. Select the desired classroom.

  4. On the Students tab, click '+ Add students'.

  5. You will see a pop-up window. Choose 'Create Multiple Accounts'.

  6. To upload the student list you created earlier, click on 'Choose file' and choose the file to upload.


  7. You're all set! Users will be created and added to the classroom. Based on display names, unique usernames will be generated. The username can be edited later in the student list.

    Use Student Login Cards to provide students with their usernames and passwords. You can also share the Classroom Login URL with them.

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