What is the Gradebook?
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The Gradebook tab displays student grades based on their solutions. It is available only to teachers who have an active subscription. It is possible to navigate between classrooms, select a single or various courses, and view grades in different formats by using the three dropdown menus (highlighted in the below screen capture).

To access a classroom’s Gradebook, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'My Classrooms' page.

  2. Choose the classroom that you would like to see the grades for. 

  3. Select the ‘Gradebook’ Tab.

  • The dropdown menu on the right hand side of the screen allows you to switch between classrooms you manage in this subscription.

  • By clicking the dropdown manu in the left hand of the table, teachers can view grades as numbers (1-10), letters (A-F), or percentages (1%-100%).

  • Using the 'Course & Quizzes' menu on the right, you can choose one or more courses to display all at once (see below image).

    More functions

  • Click on the cell marked ‘Name’ to change the table to show students from A-Z or Z-A. Click on the cell marked ‘Overall Grade’ to filter the students from the highest grade to the lowest, or vice versa. 

  • Click ‘Export Grades’ in the upper right-hand corner to download a CSV file of Student Grades. 

  • If students started solving challenges in a certain topic but have not finished that topic, they will get a ‘not completed’ in the Gradebook table.

  • If a student did not begin solving challenges in a certain topic, then the cell will remain empty.

For the Coding Adventure course, the table shows the grades students got on each coding topic. Each column represents a different topic. 

You can also access more data on your students' level at specific CS topics through the Proficiency table. Click here to read more.

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