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Using Clever Classroom with CodeMonkey
Using Clever Classroom with CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey supports Clever SSO for easy login and setup. Teachers import Clever Classroom, students log in using Clever authentication.

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CodeMonkey supports Clever Single Sign-On (SSO) so teachers and students are able to sign-up and log in to CodeMonkey using their Clever accounts.

With the Clever integration, teachers can:

  • Login using Clever authentication.

  • Teachers with Clever Classroom Accounts can import their Clever Classroom to CodeMonkey.

  • Access CodeMonkey's classroom features (with the exclusion of managing the student list).

Students can:

  • Login using Clever authentication for quick access.

  • Once you import your Clever Classroom, your students already belong to their classroom and do not need to join it themselves.

Teachers with a Clever Classroom account (not District Account), will be prompted by Clever to allow permissions for CodeMonkey to access classrooms and students' data (as there is an option to import classrooms, specified later in this article). This action will also post CodeMonkey as an app on the teacher’s Clever Library

  • Only Teachers that have the CodeMonkey app added to their Clever library, will be able to import their classroom to CodeMonkey.

  • If this is your first time on CodeMonkey, an account will be created for you with a CodeMonkey Teacher Trial with unlimited seats. You will be directed to the My Classrooms page, where you will be able to set-up your classrooms.

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