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What is the Classroom Dashboard?
What is the Classroom Dashboard?

Classroom Dashboard

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The classroom dashboard is where you can find specific data and actions, per classroom - for each of your CodeMonkey classrooms. The dashboard is constructed of seven tabs:

  1. Lessons - Coding Adventure lesson plans integrated into the classroom’s dashboard, helping you to easily conduct coding classes

  2. Students - manage student accounts and invite co-teachers to join a classroom.

  3. Courses - view courses that are available to the classroom (based on your subscription) and assign relevant courses to your classroom.

  4. Quizzes/Assessment Tool- Assign quizzes to students to assess understanding of coding concepts. Learn more here.

  5. Gradebook - see student grades based on the their solutions in the courses and data on their level at specific CS topics.

  6. Showroom - see your classroom's creations (games and challenges).

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