What is the Student Activity Dashboard?
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The ‘Student Activity Dashboard’ is where you can view individual student usage data.

Where is the ‘Student Activity Dashboard’ Located?

Navigate to the classroom dashboard. Click on the individual classroom where you would like to see the data. Once there, click on the ‘Progress’ tab. Then, click on a specific student's name in the table to view their individual activity.

What information will I find on the ‘Student Activity Dashboard’?

Within the dashboard, you will find information about the student activities such as:

  • The ‘Last Seen Date’

  • ‘Number of Solution Submitted’

  • ‘Course Progress’

  • ‘Number of Challenges and Games’ that have been created

  • ‘Course Progress’ (for each course)

  • ‘Time spent on the site’ for the past 7 days

  • ‘Proficiency’ scores for the coding concepts.

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