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Moving Single/Multiple Students Between Classrooms
Moving Single/Multiple Students Between Classrooms

This article will walk you through the 2 ways by which students can move from one classroom to another, within a subscription.

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Upon renewal, when moving from one school year to the next, you may find yourself needing to move students between classrooms. Moving students from one classroom to another can also come in handy if a student has changed classrooms throughout the year.

You know the "why" - this article will cover the "how".

There are 2 ways to move students between classrooms in your subscription:

  1. The teacher can use the MOVE button from the classrooms' Student tab.
    This way the teacher can move a single student or multiple students.
    *Note that students can be moved between classrooms that you manage (the classrooms need to appear on your My Classrooms page).

  2. The student can move to another classroom by using the new classrooms' class code.

Follow these 4-step instructions to move a single student or multiple students to a different classroom:

  1. From the ‘My Classrooms’ page, choose the relevant classroom which the student is currently in.

  2. In the ‘Students’ tab, locate the student name and click on the ‘MOVE’ button, located on the right hand of the Student list.

3. For MULTIPLE students:
On the left of the student name, you will find checkboxes. Choose as many students as you like by checking the box.

From the "Select Bulk Action" drop-down menu, choose - use the bulk action and check the box of the students you would like to move.

3. For a SINGLE student:
From the student tab, locate the 1 student that you would like to move.
Click the 'MOVE' button that's on the right side of the table, on the same row as the student name.

4. For both single and multiple students -
A popup window will appear and you can choose any existing classroom from the dropdown menu. The classroom you click is the classroom the students will move to, and appear in immediately.

*Note: In case you move a student to a classroom that belongs to a different subscription, moving this student will not free up a seat in its current subscription and will take up a seat in the new classroom’s subscription.

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