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How to Move Classrooms to a Different Subscription (‘Upgrade’ Classroom)
How to Move Classrooms to a Different Subscription (‘Upgrade’ Classroom)
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A CodeMonkey classroom is connected to a CodeMonkey subscription. Students in a classroom will be able to access the content included in the subscription that classroom is connected to.

This is where you can view what your classroom’s subscription is:

There are a few cases in which you may want to move (upgrade) a classroom between subscriptions:

If you want to upgrade a classroom from the free trial to your subscription.

2. If you want to upgrade a classroom from your expired subscription to your new


  1. If you have more than one active teacher subscription and would like to change the current subscription of one class to another.

Using the ‘Upgrade’ button, you can move your classrooms between your different subscriptions.

You can find the ‘Upgrade’ button in the ‘My Classrooms’ page next to each classroom, after clicking on the kebab menu:

Please note that the subscription you want to upgrade to must be active, under your CodeMonkey account and have enough available seats.

To upgrade a classroom’s subscription, please do the following:

*Important: to avoid taking up extra subscription seats following the upgrade, be sure to first archive the students you do not want in your upgraded classroom. Only then upgrade the classroom. If you do not first archive students and then upgrade the subscription, you will lose available seats in your quota.

  1. Locate, but do not click on, the classroom you would like to upgrade. 

  2. Click on the upwards arrow icon.

  3. You will be asked to review the classroom’s student list before moving your students to a different subscription. If you would like to remove certain students before upgrading, you can archive them in the classroom page, under the ‘Students’ tab.

  4. Please note: all students moved will immediately take up seats in the new subscription seat quota and will not free up seats in the current subscription.

  5. Click on Upgrade to continue.

  6. Choose the subscription you would like to upgrade to. If you only have one other subscription to choose from, the box will automatically choose it for you.

  7. You will see the subscription’s current and after upgrade seat quota status.

  8. Please note: upgrading the classroom will not free seats in the classroom’s current subscription (unless it is a Flex Classroom subscription).

  9. You will get a summary of the final seats used and remaining after the upgrade.

  10. Click on ‘Confirm Upgrade’ to proceed.

  11. You will get a message confirming the upgrade was successful.

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