CodeMonkey's Google Classroom Integration is available for teachers who use Google Classrooms and login to CodeMonkey using Google Single Sign-On (SSO).

With the Google Classroom integration, teachers can:

  • Login using Google authentication.
  • Import all their Google Classroom students.
  • Import other teachers from your Google Classroom as co-teachers on CodeMonkey.
  • Access CodeMonkey's classroom features (with the exclusion of managing the student list).
  • Post Coding Adventure assignments to their Google Classrooms. We currently don't support full integration with Google Classrooms Assignments or any Google Classroom Stream functionality (which would allow activity from CodeMonkey to show up in Google Classroom, or to allow teachers to assign courses directly from Google Classroom).

Students can:

  • Login using Google authentication for quick access.
  • Once you import your Google Classroom, your students already belong to their classroom and do not need to join it themselves.
  • Access specific assignments from Google Classrooms.

You can also watch this demo to learn how to use Google Classrooms with CodeMonkey:

Skip to 08:50 to see how your students would sign-in to CodeMonkey after the classroom has been imported.

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