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How To Set-Up Your Google Classrooms on CodeMonkey
How To Set-Up Your Google Classrooms on CodeMonkey
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To get more familiarized with the CodeMonkey-Google Classrooms integrations, please refer to this article.

How to import your Google Classrooms:

  • Login to CodeMonkey using your Google SSO.

  • In the left menu, click on ‘My Classrooms’.

  • Click on the ‘+ Add New Classroom’ button.

  • When creating a new classroom, you will see the option to either 'Create New' or 'Import From Google'. Choose 'Import From Google' to import your Google Classrooms.

  • In order to proceed, you would need to give CodeMonkey permissions to access your Google Classrooms by clicking on 'Connect with "Google Classroom"'. You will only need to do this once.

  • You would then be asked to choose your Google account (if you have more than one), and will get the following pop-up window from Google, asking to give CodeMonkey permissions. If you do not give CodeMonkey permissions here, none of the following instructions will work.

  • Your Google Classrooms will then appear in a list for you to choose from. If you have already imported one of your Google Classrooms, it will not appear in the list as you cannot perform this action twice.

  • Choose one or multiple classrooms that you would like to import, and choose the subscription it should belong to.

  • Click on 'Import Classrooms' in order to complete the import.

Please note:

  • If you do not have enough available seats remaining in the subscription, an error message will appear and you will not be able to import the classroom. If you require additional seats, please contact us at

  • If you have imported the wrong Google Classroom and would like to have it removed from your account, please contact us at

Finished importing your Google Classroom to CodeMonkey?

Now that you have imported your classroom to CodeMonkey, you can access the classroom's dashboard.

A few things to point out which are unique when using Google Classroom on CodeMonkey:

  • A Google Classroom will have the following indication in the top right corner of the classroom dashboard from the Students tab.

  • Only students in your Google Classroom will be added (imported) to the CodeMonkey classroom. Students who are not in your Google Classroom, will not be able to access it.

  • You will be able to click on the “Sync Classroom” to sync your classroom at any time in order to update the classroom’s student list (based on the list in the Google Classroom - either remove or add students) and/or update the classroom name as it appears on Google Classroom (in case it changed).

  • We currently don't support Assignments or any Google Classroom Stream functionality (which would allow activity from CodeMonkey to show up in Google Classroom, or to allow teachers to assign courses directly from Google Classroom). You are able to post assignments.

Student Accounts:

  • A student with an existing CodeMonkey account using their Google SSO to sign in: If the student has logged in to CodeMonkey in the past with their Google SSO, once the teacher imports their Google Classrooms onto CodeMonkey, and this student is in the Google Classroom, the student will be added to the classroom automatically.

  • A student with CodeMonkey accounts that don't use Google SSO: If a student already has a CodeMonkey account with a username or email address (which is not the same email address as their Google SSO) as their login, they would have to sign in with their Google SSO instead, but they will not have any saved progress from their existing account.

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