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Posting Coding Adventure Assignments to your Google Classroom
Posting Coding Adventure Assignments to your Google Classroom
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When using Google Classroom with CodeMonkey, you will be able to post Coding Adventure assignments to your Google Classroom.

In each of the Coding Adventure lesson plans, there is a 'Playtime' section where students play a few challenges after they are introduced to the coding concepts. You will be able to post an assignment to your Google Classroom for students to play these challenges.

Posting assignments to your Google Classroom is available through the classroom's 'Lessons' tab, only for Coding Adventure challenges.

How to post a Coding Adventure assignment:

  1. Click on the My Classrooms page from the menu to the right.

  2. Locate the classroom you would like to post the assignment to and click on it.

  3. In the classroom's dashboard, go to the ‘Lessons’ tab.

  4. To your right, under the 'Shortcuts' section, click on the yellow 'Assign to Google Classroom' button.

5. Once assigned, a post will be added to your students 'Classwork' section on Google Classroom.

6. The post will have a link attached to it. Once they click on the link, they will be directed to the relevant challenges and will be able to start playing.

7. Once you post the assignment, you are able to manage and edit it from your Google Classroom. For example, add instructions, edit the title, add attachments, give a due date to the assignment and assign specific students.

8. In order for the student to mark as done, they would need to go to the assignment on Google Classroom and click on the 'Mark as a done' button. They can also add links, comments, files, and so on.

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