What is a Class Sign-Up URL?
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You can use the Sign-Up URL to have your students sign-up to CodeMonkey and join your classroom in fewer steps.

  • With a unique Sign-Up URL for each classroom, students would not need to type the class code.

  • This method of having students join the classroom is great if you are communicating with your students online and can share the URL with them.

  • All they would need to do is click on the URL, and sign-up to CodeMonkey to create their account. Once they do that, they will join your classroom.

  • If you are not able to share the URL online, we recommend you use the method of students joining your classroom using the class code.

To share your Class Sign-Up URL, follow these steps:

  1. From your menu, click on ‘My Classrooms’ section.

  2. Click the classroom that you want to add your students to.

  3. From the Students tab click on ‘Add students’.

  4. Select 'Class Code'.

  5. Select a login preference for your students on the right hand side of the page.

  6. Complete the "Domain Preferences" section if desired. (Optional).

  7. Click on the 'Learn more about the process' link to access the unique class sign-up URL.

  8. Click on 'Copy' to copy the link and then share it with your classroom students.

  9. Click on the green "Apply" button to save your selections.

10. Once they click on the URL, they will be directed to the sign-up page where they will create their account, either by creating their own username and password or using one of the Single Sign-On options.

11. If creating their own username and password, they will able to download a copy of their credentials and then click on the 'Let's Play!' yellow button.

12. The student will be directed to their homepage, will be asked to choose their avatar and will be able to access the courses the teacher has assigned to the classroom.

Please note: The action of joining a classroom will be done only one time. Once the student joins the classroom, next time they login to their CodeMonkey account, they will already be in their classroom.

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