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Assigning and Unassigning Courses to Multiple Classrooms
Assigning and Unassigning Courses to Multiple Classrooms
You will learn how to bulk assign and unassign courses to multiple classrooms in this article
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Teachers can access their subscription's courses from the Teacher Dashboard and assign them to the classrooms they teach, or unassign them. The feature of assigning courses allows you to control what your students can access. When you assign only certain courses to a class, you can manage what students will see and align the classroom's progress.

Adding courses to multiple classrooms at once:

  1. On the Teacher Dashboard, click on 'Class Assignments' in the left-hand menu.

  2. Choose this year's subscription from the drop-down menu in the top right corner to ensure you are on the active (non-trial) subscription.

  3. The table rows represent all the classrooms you teach (or co-teach) in your selected subscription, along with the CodeMonkey courses that your subscription offers that will appear as columns.

  4. To assign a course to a selected classroom, follow its row and click the grey button. The button will change from 'Unassigned' (grey) to 'Assigned' (green).

  5. By clicking the green 'Assigned' button back to 'Unassigned' grey, you can unassign a course from a classroom as well.

Please note: Coding Adventure Part 1, as well as the Hour of Code activities, will be assigned to your classroom by default.

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