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New Subscription Set-up: Existing Classrooms, Existing Student Accounts
New Subscription Set-up: Existing Classrooms, Existing Student Accounts

These set-up instructions* will be relevant when you wish to continue with existing classrooms and student accounts in them.

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Follow these steps for setting-up your new CodeMonkey subscription:

  1. Upgrade. From your ‘My Classrooms’ page, locate the classroom you would like to continue with and click on the kebab menu. (three dots to the far right of the classroom name) Select "upgrade" from the menu options.

  2. Add students. In case you are looking to have other students join this class, share the class code with them. They will be able to join using their existing account, or by first creating an account (if they are new to CodeMonkey).

  3. Assign courses. Assign the courses you would like your classroom to have access to (Coding Adventure Part 1 and the Hour of Code activities will be assigned by default).

  4. Archive. To “clean-up” your My Classrooms list, archive old classrooms you no longer need.

*These instructions are relevant for customers purchasing directly through CodeMonkey. When purchasing through a CodeMonkey representative, please reach out to your contact person for any questions or write us at

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